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Joint Rules (PDF Document)(Per usage and custom, the previous session Joint Rules apply until Joint Rules are adopted for the current session.)

Article IV, Section 8 of the Constitution (PDF Document)


The Assembly Daily Journal is the official record of business that has been transacted in the Assembly on a daily basis. This publication shows all roll call votes, notes parliamentary motions, lists bill introductions, and records any other official actions taken by the body.

The Assembly History shows all actions on all measures from the beginning of the legislative session and feeds the Internet bill data. The History also contains various charts, tables, and other useful information.

The Assembly Daily File is the agenda of business for each legislative day. The publication shows all committee hearing notices and all measures eligible for floor actions.

The Assembly Floor Analysis Unit is responsible for providing Members an analysis, prepared by committee staff, of every bill and amendment on the Floor.

The Assembly Informational and Committee Publications Specialist is responsible for the distribution of reports published by Assembly committees and the Chief Clerk's unofficial publications.

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