Vital Statistics


Compiled by the Office of the Chief Clerk Assembly of the State of California

General Information  
State Capitol


Date California Admitted as a State

September  9, 1850

State Motto
"Eureka" (Greek:"I have found it!")
Number of Registered Voters
Population Density
239 people/sq. mi.


Land Area
Includes 2,674 sq. mi. of inland water
158,648 sq. mi.
Coastal Water Area (Pacific water)
222 sq. mi.


Highest Elevation
Feet above sea-level
Mount Whitney 14,505 feet (according to


Lowest Elevation
Feet below sea-level
Death Valley 282 ft.
Total Number of Counties:   58
Governmental/Political Information


State Executive Officers
Number of  Statewide Elective Officers
(Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Board of Equalization, (4),
and Insurance Commissioner.)
Term Limits for Statewide Officers
2 four-year terms


State Judiciary
Number of Justices on State Supreme Court


State Legislature
Number of Assembly Members
Number of State Senators
Term Limit
12 years cumulative (both houses)
Legislative Voting Requirements
Vote Required to Pass Statutes
Assembly 41
Vote Required to Pass Statutes
Senate 21
Veto Override Vote Requirement:
Two-thirds in each House
Assembly 54
Senate 27
Ratification of Amendments to the U.S. Constitution:
Majority Vote of each House
(By Joint Resolution)


Miscellaneous Legislative Information
Impeachment Power
Assembly indicts, drafts "articles of impeachment,"and elects "managers" to prosecute; Senate tries and votes on impeachment.


Legislative Publications

Daily Journal

Daily File
Weekly History


Non-Member Officers of the Legislature
Chief Clerk of  the Assembly
Secretary of the Senate
Sergeant-at-Arms (in each House)
Chaplain (in each House)

Motto of  the State Assembly

Legislatorum Est Justas Leges Condere

(Latin: "It is the duty of Legislators to make just laws.")


Motto of  the State Senate

Senatoris Est Civitatis Libertatem Tueri

(Latin: "It is the duty of a Senator to guard the liberty of the Commonwealth.")

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