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Office of the Chief Clerk, State Capitol, Room 3196, Sacramento CA 95814 (916) 319-2856

Office of the Chief Clerk

Bills and the Legislature:

Bills and Official Publications
Current (1994 - present) Bill information and the Assembly's official publications, including the Assembly Daily Journal, Daily History and excerpts from the Weekly History, are available here.

Official Publications Archives
Historical Archives (1849 - 1994) of Assembly Journals, Histories and Indexes, and Statutes, are available here.

Parliamentary and California Law
The California Constitution, California statutes, the Joint Rules and the respective House Rules determine the processes and procedures for each House, as well as interactions between the Houses and the Governor. These are the Rules and regulations by which the Legislature and the Governor operate when creating law.

California History
This link will take you to helpful resources for researching or learning about the history of California, especially California government.

Legislative Process
These tools provide assistance in navigating the complex legislative process and interpreting official publications.

Budget History
The State Budget is the most crucial piece of legislation of the legislative year. Historical budget information is available here.


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