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Glossary of Legislative Terms:

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Unanimous Consent
The consent (permission) of all those Members present, absent any objection, debate, or vote (i.e., unanimous consent was granted to suspend the four-day File notice requirement to hear a bill in committee).

Underground Regulation
An agency regulation that should have been, but was not, adopted following procedures set forth in the rule making portion of the Administrative Procedure Act (commencing with Government Code Section 11340) and, consequently, is invalid.

Unfinished Business
The section of the Daily File that contains bills vetoed by the Governor, concurrence items, conference reports, and certain motions to be voted upon.

A legislature consisting of one House. (Nebraska has the only unicameral State Legislature.)

Upper House
The Senate.

Urgency Clause
Language in a bill which states the bill will take effect immediately upon enactment. A Floor vote on the urgency must precede a vote on the bill. A two-thirds vote is required for adoption of the urgency clause and for passage of the bill.

Urgency Measure
A bill affecting the public peace, health, or safety and requiring a two-thirds vote for passage. An urgency bill becomes effective immediately upon enactment.

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