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Office of the Chief Clerk, State Capitol, Room 3196, Sacramento CA 95814 (916) 319-2856

Office of the Chief Clerk

Office of the Chief Clerk:

The Chief Clerk is elected by a majority vote of the Members of the Assembly for each two year session. The current Chief Clerk, E. Dotson Wilson, was first elected January 6, 1992, and has been unanimously reelected for each subsequent legislative session. He serves as the Parliamentarian of the House, and also supervises a 30 member staff of legislative clerks.

The Chief Clerk and his staff engage in a wide variety of tasks, from publishing the Assembly's official documents to amending and engrossing all legislation considered by the House.

The base of operations for the Chief Clerk and his staff is the Assembly Chamber. A long desk spans the width of the Chamber and serves as the permanent workstation for a dozen clerks, who process the thousands of bills and publish thousands of pages of information for the public record. Information compiled by this staff is made available to potentially millions of computer users via the Internet system.

The "Office of the Chief Clerk" is a suite located on the third floor of the Capitol Annex, adjacent to the Assembly Chamber. Several assistants work in this office as well, including the Floor Analysis Unit, the Amending Clerks, the Resolution Clerk and others, all of whom play important roles in the processing of legislative information.

The Engrossing and Enrolling Office is stationed in the basement of the Capitol, and is the processing center for all Assembly bills introduced in the Assembly and amended in both Houses. A team of eight proofreaders and two administrative staffers proofread every word and punctuation mark to ensure that they match the official language adopted by the House, as well as conforming to specific grammar and style guidelines. When legislation has passed both Houses, the Engrossing and Enrolling Office prepares and delivers the bills to the Governor for consideration. Resolutions are filed directly with the Secretary of State.


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